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Rear Commodore's Report

Planning continues for the 2021 Helen Chaney Bull & Oyster roast. While I am moving forward with CCC planning for this event, we remain vulnerable to caterer restrictions related to COVID that are in force at that time. A detailed event flyer is included in the Poopdeck. It is important that you send in your paid reservation requests as soon as possible in order to establish if we will be able to meet contract requirements but please understand that I will not be depositing your payments until we are a lot closer to the event and absolutely sure that it will take place. I would also ask that all club contacts and members please advise current Commodores at their home club that an invitation to our bull and oyster roast is extended to them and a guest.

When you return your reservation request please indicate if you will be able to donate a little of your time to support the gaming wheels and pull board raffle initiatives. Any help is truly appreciated and most beneficial to CCC. Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Due to the recent passing of my good friend and fellow officer VC Dave Campbell, I find myself in an unexpected situation of having to prepare for my 2022 Commodores ball. Since the 2021 ball was cancelled it is unfortunate that Commodore Clint missed out on a much deserved celebration for many years of service and dedication to our organization. That said, planning has begun for the 2022 Commodores Ball in Ocean City which will include a “double” theme. Both I and Lady Liz along with outgoing Commodore Clint and Lady Sheri will have themes for the Clubs to have some fun with. To keep some focus and uniformity on the separate themes the atrium will be divided into separate sections for the themes and skits. Club theme/skit assignments are included on the ball flyer in this edition of the Poopdeck. Please see your EO and AEO for ball related questions.

Rear Commodore Jerry Selig