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Sick and Welfare
    Get Well Wishes
  • Bettie Myers, 1993 P/C White Rocks YC and 1997 P/C Belvedere YC, who was recently hospitalized with a heart attack. After two heart procedures on August 9th , she is recovering at home.
  • Peggy Broome, 2002 CCC First Lady, had outpatient surgery on Friday, August 13th. She is a bit sore but doing better at home. P/C Brooks is still on oxygen at night and is also doing better. Brookes and Peggy were also Commodore and First Lady of Boumi Shrine YC and Belvedere YC.
  • Dee Miles, 2000 CCC First Lady, was admitted to the hospital on August 20th with an electrolyte imbalance where she was being monitored as the doctors worked to correct the issue. She is now resting at home. P/C John is still being treated for his heart issues.
  • Chuck Vipperman, 1992 CCC P/C, has been released from the hospital and is at home undergoing a six (6) week regiment of antibiotics to clear the infection from his recent hip replacement surgery. Per First Lady Diane, who has recently been through treatment for bladder cancer, Chuck is doing well , but may need another surgery.

Please keep Bettie, Peggy, Brooks, Dee, John, Chuck, Diane, and all those who are dealing with health issues but have not or do not want their information made public.

Sadly, I am aware of several Yacht Club Community members who had both Covid vaccines and who have recently been diagnosed with COVID. Please do NOT let your guard down. Continue to follow sanitary guidelines and if not feeling well or experiencing any of COVID’S symptoms, PLEASE quarantine and do NOT attend any social activities. My latest Covid test in August was negative.

On a personal note: I want to thank P/C Phyllis for her note in last month’s PoopDeck re my recent surgery. I am on the road to recovery. Also, thank you to the P/Cs, Officers and members who sent cards, texts and emails and to those who called me.

If you are ill or have lost a loved one and would like your fellow shipmates to know, please contact me at 410-440-2801 or email me here

Sick and Welfare Anna Davis