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Commodore's Report

Ahoy Chesapeake Commodores Club!

After a long forced hibernation from COVID, it was a nice change of pace to actually attend Crescent Yacht Club’s Commodore’s Ball. Not only did I get to pin one of our newest members, Tom Stevens, but also completely surprised him while awarding him as one of 2020 Yachtsperson of the Year Award.

As announced at the February meeting, here is the 2021 Nominating Committee:

  • IP/C Kitty Sauer – Chairperson
  • P/C Jerry Cramblett – Ventnor YC
  • P/C Darryl Discher – Sue Haven YC
  • P/C Gary Blankenship – Eastern YC
  • Bill Bory – Red Eye YC
  • Janet Yodris – Key YC
  • Bill Schoefield – Bodkin YC
  • ALT: P/C Bill Corun – Bush River YC
  • ALT: Jeff Underland – Baltimore YC

And finally, if you are tired of being holed up in the house, how about signing up for dinner and coming to our next meeting on March 16th! Contact Fleet Capt. Cheryl for details.

Commodore Clint McLamb