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Chaplain's Report

Heavenly Father,

Father, You have placed us in one of the finest boating areas in this great Country, Your beautiful Chesapeake Bay with all of her tributaries offers a large array of beautiful quiet serene areas as well as festive fun filled areas , please keep us ever mindful of our obligation to You and future generations to preserve and protect her. There will be many cruises coming up along with other vacations throughout the country please Father, be our pilot and navigator in all of our travels whether by land, sea, or air.

Please hear the prayers of the infirmed and the mourning, help them to have faith that You are always with them.

Please Father, protect all of our heroes both here and abroad. They are doing everything in their power to keep us safe and free.

Father, help us to love as You have unconditionally loved us, Give as You have so freely given and forgive as you have forgiven us.

"Remember, life is fragile, handle it with Prayer!"


Chaplain Joan Anderson