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COMMODORE Cheryl Blakey &

First Gentleman Rucker

Commodore Cheryl Blakey & First Gentleman Rucker

2023 Commodore

Thanks to the Many who made the trek to Gettysburg, and gathered to celebrate our christening visit to the Eisenhower Conference Center, and Change of Watch for 2023. The Atrium was AMAZING and the Hospitality suites fabulously decorated, and warm and generous as Rucker and I have recalled from years past. It is truly an honor, And a privilege, to be the Commodore of the Chesapeake Commodores Club for 2023. Rucker as First Gentleman, or “First Gent” and I are excited about the year ahead…

To say that the journey up to this point has been amazing, speaks volumes about the many wonderful people whom Rucker and I have been blessed to know as a result of serving as officers for Wellwood Yacht Club, and through which we became members of the Chesapeake Commodores Club back in 2011 and 2013 respectively… the commitment involved in serving this organization is demanding, but the rewards through the development of so many deeply supportive friendships far exceeds the time and energy given to support the business of running our Club.

We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming Commodores Ball, or our Bull Roast on April 15th, or one of our monthly meetings. To support our Organization, and especially to support the many Yacht Clubs whose Outgoing Commodores are the vital sources of our New Membership, is our mission for this year, and those in the future as well. We welcome your Input and feedback on our first Commodores Ball held at the new location, and I always welcome the opportunity to hear your thoughts on other topics as well. Hope to see you soon!

You can now fill out the membership application online, then print and send.

The purpose of the Chesapeake Commodores Club is to promote good fellowship and friendship among its Past Commodores and their clubs and to provide a means of entertainment and recreation for the membership, as well as to sponsor any special projects as may be found expedient.

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